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Vegan Restaurant in Limassol, Cyprus • Open
Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar - Limassol
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Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar - Limassol is a local vegan restaurant in Limassol, Cyprus, offering 100% plant-based delicacies made only from locally sourced, premium ingredients. At Elysian, you enter vegan wonderland, where you get to try delicious plant-based, gluten-free bread, wraps, buns & burgers, hotdogs, salads, and sugar-free desserts. We believe that vegan food is not just for vegans and vegetarians and warmly welcome all health-enthusiasts, food enthusiasts who want to take pleasure in a nutritious and tasty meal in our cosy restaurant. All items in our menu are created with passion and care, with the goal to inspire each customer with our values and our food. Indulge in plant-based deliciousness only at Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar - Limassol! Together, let's create a positive impact on Earth, one healthy meal at a time.

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