Illustration is an important element of Trepup’s brand. It tells a story while supporting our content, thereby creating a better user experience. It is not used only as a decorative image.

Role of illustrations

Our illustrations convey a message and simplify complex ideas. They communicate a consistent story from beginning to end, and their color and animation create an engaging visual.

1. Supports content

Illustrations help explain otherwise difficult or complicated ideas. They support our message, narrative or process.

2. Simplifies context

Illustrations simplify complex and abstract ideas helping our users to easily understand them at a glance.

3. Adds color and movement

Illustrations with vibrant colors and subtle animations make our pages lively and more effective than static images.

4. Reflects diversity

Illustrations represent our diverse user base. They reflect Trepup's mission to level the playing field for businesses.

Types of illustrations


Hero illustrations are unique and occupy a prominent place in our designs. They convey complex stories and represent teamwork and processes.


Spot illustrations are direct expressions of a concept. Our illustrations are small, simple and usually stand-alone images. They rarely include people.


Error illustrations are used to inform and instruct. We use them to indicate the problem and constructively suggest a solution.


Keyline grid

Keylines are used in tandem with a grid system to create a visually well-balanced and consistent icon family.



Bright and bold colors unify illustrations across Trepup product features, marketing and branding.


Neutral grays create a subtle background to highlight the main elements of our illustrations.

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