Trepup's logo is strong, impactful and innovative. It reflects our unique mission, robust security, easy processes and user-centered design. To correctly express our values, follow these guidelines.

Trepup logo

  • Trepup logo
  • x-Height = minimum distance for safe space around the logo
Black logo on white background - Trepup logo
Black logo on white background
White logo on black background – Trepup logo
White logo on black background

Social icons

Use our social icons if there is a space constraint, or use it as a branding element in designs.

  • Logo social icon – Social icons
  • Logo social icon
  • Square social icon – Social icons
  • Square social icon
  • Circular social icon – Social icons
  • Circular social icon


  • Maintain safe space always
  • Maintain Safe Space Always
  • Scale logo proportionately
  • Scale Logo Proportionately


  • Do not modify logo elements
  • Do Not Modify Logo Elements
  • Do not change colors
  • Do Not Change Colors
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