Wed, 9 Oct 2019

Have You Heard Of Crest Hill Capital LLC?

by Cresthill Capital

Have You Heard Of Crest Hill Capital LLC?

Cresthill Capital specializes in short-term merchant cash advance funding. This company was founded in 2013 and currently has its main office in New York. It caters money to small businesses in need of additional funding. Companies can obtain funding in amounts based on recent trends in cash flow regardless of credit score.

Cresthill is fairly flexible regarding the businesses to which it lends. Their account managers look at factors beyond credit scores when calculating appropriate funding amounts, and the company claims it will fund every qualified application.

Company Profile

Cresthill capital employs people to review applications and find funding solutions for businesses facing difficult financial circumstances. It promises flexible, competitive and dependable financing options and extends funding to industries most other fund providers are wary of lending to or outright refuse. Fast turnaround time and not solely relying on credit history make Crest Hill capital LLC different.


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