Digital Content Crafting 2k18 Workshop

9 Dec 2018

Digital Content Crafting 2k18 Workshop

Chennai, India

by digital marketing courses

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9 Dec 2018, 10:00 - 17:00

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New No. 574/ 3&4, Ground Floor, (Opp to Anna Arivalayam) Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai – 600018.Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018India

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Exceptional Art of Writing is one of the most wonderful skills a writer can own. But are you sure that your words reach the right audiences at the right time? And are you interested in building your career in writing as per the modern trends that gets you money? Then to make certain of these queries, take a Look Here. ESearch Advisors presents a Paid Workshop on Content Crafting 2k18 on December 9th (Sunday) from 10am-5pm.
This Workshop provides insights on various Content Marketing Strategies and it is suitable for anyone including you. If you are a beginner in promotional content writing or wanted to add value to your writing career, then this workshop will be very helpful in constructing ad promoting your writing skills.
Things you will be learn from this workshop:
1. Introduction to Content
2. Importance and impact of content in Digital Marketing
3. Art of Story Telling
4. How to connect emotionally with your customer using content
5. How to Create a Compelling and engaging content
6. How to effectively promote your content in Digital Platforms
7. How Content Impacts your marketing funnel
8. How to Craft a content strategy
9. How to Create a content calendar plan
10. How to Measure and Analyse the success of your content
11. Successful Content Marketing Case Studies
Workshop Highlights:
• Delivered by qualified digital marketer who is UK certified in Education & Training
• Activity based training(50% practical)
• Workshop based on successful case studies and effective strategies in content world
• Certificate will be provided at the end of the session
• Lunch and refreshment will be provided
So why to hold still? Come’ On! Registrations close on or before December 3rd . Be present for the session and Develop Your Writing Skills in Right Channels. To enrol for the Workshop, Please Register here:


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