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Find My Bin

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  • Dallas United States
  • 8005 Park Ln, Dallas, TX 75231
  • Latitude32.7766642 Longitude -96.79698789999999 Directions

We do quality service for people, and we do it for free, for everyone.

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  • 2016Founded
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Find My Bin has developed a service to identify bank card details by BIN. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company was founded in 2016 by a group of young programmers and has been providing a great service to anyone for free ever since. Our service is available worldwide.

Why do I need to know the BIN?

If a bank customer pays for goods in an online store or books a service (tickets, hotel rooms, etc.), it is better to know the BIN information. You can find it on the front of the plastic card or go to a bank branch. In addition, clients of some banks have the opportunity to find out the BIN through online or mobile banking. But not for everyone. That's why there is a service Find My Bin.

To conclude

We would like to tell the whole world about our service, so we registered on Trepup. We hope that we can bring more usefulness to our users, because nowadays such service is very demanded. And we also hope to find on this site a good PHP programmer to join our team. We have a lot of work and not enough people for our tasks. We hope to find a good person to fill our vacancy soon.

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What problems can arise with BIN

The use of the BIN is also important in the context of reviewing card status. Most often clients receive classic cards, as their functionality is sufficient for convenience. However, some receive a gold or platinum card, in which case much more functions and privileges are available (for example, legal or medical support and so on). With a BIN card, when paying for goods or services, the type of card must be properly defined to expand the list of possibilities for the holder.

Sometimes it also happens that the BIN data does not correspond to the actual status of the card. The most frequent problems when there is an error in the BIN data:

- receiving a credit card instead of a debit card, and vice versa;
The plastic card was issued by another bank instead of the one where the client receives it;
- the card type does not correspond to its type (gold, platinum, etc.);
- the card issued in a certain country is read as a foreign card because the bank is a branch of the bank from that country;
- a gift payment card issued by a bank of another country.

If the card is recognized as a foreign card, you may still be able to make the payment. In other cases you will have to pay another way or contact the bank which issued the card in order to solve the problem.

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