7 Feb 2019


Accra, Ghana

by honour-barbara centre

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7 Feb 2019, 08:30 - 08:30

Happened 1 year 11 months 11 days ago

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Liberia Road, British Council
22 Agbon Boi Street, Honour-Barbara Training Centre
Nim Tree Avenue, Honour-Barbara Centre Office
91 Road, Bolgatanga-Navrongo
Accra AN5158Ghana

Event description

The lead facilitator, Honour Barbara, was once a stutterer and a stammerer at the same time for twenty-six (26) years. After years of consultation, education (training) and hard-work, has now overcome after a progressive six-year speech therapy process.

Having acquired training with a number of training Centres both homeland and international, Honour Barbara has devoted her life to ensuring that determined speech impaired persons will be helped to overcome speaking stress (stuttering/stammering). She considers one's inability to speak naturally as a dream killer, a demoralizer of hope and self-esteem.
She is willing and ready to impact the 'know-how' to others who are determined to overcome and be fluent in speech, contribute to society and the world at large.

With Honour Barbara, 'Speaking is Life...Speech is Ultimate!'


1. The Stutterers' Clinic
The project focuses mainly on the ‘How’ to overcoming speaking stress (stuttering/stammering) among speech impaired persons, placing them on the path towards fluency, along with advocating and creating the awareness that speech impaired persons in society need to be helped and their concerns met.

2. At 13 Project
The project focuses on nurturing the potential of disabled teens in our society

3. The Stutterers Healthcare Walk
The project focuses on providing the health needs of stutterers who have signed up with the Clinic amidst healthy living lifestyles (medication, keep fit session, health walk)


Support the Cause of the Honour-Barbara Centre by contributing your best in your interest to helping humanity, and making the world a better place for stutterers as well, and put a smile on the face of at least one stutterer. Partner us to give them this message of needed care, that "there is hope for the speech impaired!"

We also are ready to send you detailed information in your interest to support and (or) be a partner of the Centre. We are delighted to have you as a member and partner, as you relentlessly extend your helping hand to meet a need.

At the Honour-Barbara Centre, 'Speaking is Life...Speech is Ultimate!' God bless you!


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