Wed, 3 Apr 2019




Sometimes simply referred to as “the salt lake”, Weekuri Lagoon lies 45 kilometres, or about two hours’ drive from Waitabula. Prepare to be gobsmacked. We had seen impressive photos before visiting, but the reality far outshines any of them.

Separated by craggy cliffs, the spectacular turquoise tidal lagoon sits 20 metres from the sea. We visited at low tide and were told it’s even better when it’s high. Hard to believe, but you may want to time your trip with the tides. The sandy bottom and cool waters of Weekuri are great for swimming and at about 130 metres long and 40 wide, there’s plenty of space not to bump into anyone. Hey, wait — there isn’t anyone (although it’s popular on weekends).

The northern end of the crystal clear lake is home to a small coral garden with a few fish and crustaceans, so bring your snorkelling gear too. Remember to avoid standing on any coral: It’s a fragile ecosystem here. Scramble over the rocks near the sea for a winning view with so many variations of blue a paint company would have a field day inventing new names.



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