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Larry H. Shapazian, Fresno

Larry H. Shapazian, Fresno

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  • Fresno United States
  • 3419 W Shaw Ave #200
  • Latitude36.7377981 Longitude -119.7871247 Directions

Fresno Employment Attorney, Fresno Insurance Attorney, Fresno Wrongful Termination Attorney, Fresno Employer Discrimination Attorney

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Larry H Shapazian is an experienced employment attorney, and a partner from Tomassian Pimentel & Shapazian in Fresno, CA. Born and raised in Fresno, Larry H. Shapazian has practiced law in California since 1985. He concentrates his practice on insurance defense, employment law, and government tort liability. Representing both employers and employees, Larry Shapazian helps bring justice to the workplace.

Often times, it can feel like you are out of options when an employer is treating you unfairly. Reaching out to an employment lawyer could be crucial if you feel that you are a victim in your workplace. Attorney Shapazian fights for those victims and uses his experience to bring favorable results for his clients. His approach is focused on communication as well as compassion towards the client’s case.

Those searching for an attorney to help them with an employment-related case should reach out to Larry H Shapazian and his team of lawyers. Their attorneys are able to help with cases involving employment discrimination, hostile environments, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and more.
Reach out to Larry H. Shapazian by visiting the website or by calling to request your initial case evaluation.

Larry H. Shapazian
3419 W Shaw Ave #200, Fresno, CA 93711
(559) 216-0797

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