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Lauren Carter Miller Coaching

Lauren Carter Miller Coaching

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  • Greenwood United States
  • 886 North State Road 135, Ste B
  • Latitude39.6136578 Longitude -86.10665259999999 Directions

Career Coaching, Career Assessment, Job Search Coaching, Career Clarity Planning, Resume service

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Lauren Carter is a career coach in Indianapolis, specializing in helping post-college women
navigate their career paths. After working at Purdue University in the career department,
Lauren developed a passion for helping women navigate after they graduate college. The
transition out of college brings about many challenges, one of them being lack of career clarity
and job search frustrations.
Lauren provides career clarity assessments, collaborating with clients to find solutions to target
the most satisfying career objectives. She teaches clients how to strategically approach the job
search process. Through one-on-one coaching, Lauren provides coaching skills that produce
results. Today, the job search is so much more than a resume. Learn how to brand yourself,
gain career clarity, and land your dream job. If you’re feeling stuck in your job search, contact
Lauren by completing an application on her website, https://laurencartermiller.com/contact-us/
Lauren has a Masters in Higher Ed and has assisted hundreds of students in their career
exploration to find the most satisfying result and career clarity. Lauren is focused on helping
post-college women as she herself struggled to find happiness in her career. After working for
a year in a position she didn’t like, she chose to pursue her Masters and find the right career
path to bring fulfillment. Her enthusiasm and passion to help others find their career happiness
is her main focus. She is very solution oriented and goes beyond the typical career assessment
evaluation to discover the best career path for her clients.
Lauren works with clients to also develop their LinkedIn profiles. She offers interview role-
playing and coaches her clients to present themselves in strategic ways that help employers see
more than just a resume. When Lauren isn’t working with others, she enjoys music and coffee
venues. She loves to hike and be outdoors. She has traveled all over the world including Africa,
Europe, Israel, Columbia, Costa Rica, Haiti and Paraguay, where she lead a student mission trip
while working on her Masters at Taylor University.

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