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Mary Kim Hoang O.D.
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If you seek the best Lasik surgeon in Irvine, contact Mary Kim Hoang O.D. for a safe procedure. Our Eye Doctor Irvine CA has performed hundreds of operations using the latest advancement in Lasik procedures and helps patients achieve the best vision. We provide the best customer service through our team and help patients make informed decisions. Our practice uses multiple laser platforms for treating most types of farsightedness or nearsightedness without astigmatism. We combine the best in laser technology to achieve the fastest visual recovery for our patients. Before surgery, our Eye Optometrist will explain the patients' detailed procedures and help them relax. Next, we will place a series of numbing drops making it a painless process. A lid holder is also placed on the eye and prevents it from blinking. We have both bladeless and microkeratome procedures to create a protective layer during the operation. Speak to our eye surgeon today and ensure a clear vision at our clinic. The retina is exceptionally vital for a healthy vision, and it can be impaired due to several causes. Mary Kim Hoang O.D., an expert Optometrist Irvine CA performs retinal surgery with clinical precision to achieve a better vision. Some retinal diseases include: The retinal detachment occurs when the retina is lifted off the eyewall. When it does so, it loses the blood flow, and that causes the photoreceptor cells to die. It is considered an emergency and requires urgent attention. Diabetic retinopathy results from uncontrolled diabetes and causes tiny blood vessels on the retina to start leaking fluid leading to vision loss. If you are living with a pre-existing retinal condition, talk to our Eye Doctor Irvine CA today. We provide treatment for most retinal diseases, and our technology reduces macular degeneration to a great extent.

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