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How to Stop Windows 10 from Auto-installing Hardware Drivers


How to Stop Windows 10 from Auto-installing Hardware Drivers

Keeping Windows updated is significant from a variety of perspectives like to stay secure against online threats, get benefits of new features, and improve performance. Windows 10 has the ability to automatically update the hardware drivers of its owner’s PC whenever Microsoft releases a new version. But sometimes, a few tech issues while automatic driver update can make the computer’s hardware components unstable. In order to prevent this so as to keep your system operating smoothly and swiftly, Hardware Technical Support providers have come up with this blog that teaches you the way to stop W10 from executing auto-installation of driver updates.

Way to Stop Windows 10 Pro PC from Auto-installing Drivers Update

Are you using computer or laptop running with Windows 10 Pro? Blocking automatic driver is really an easy process. You need to press “Windows + R” keys followed by typing: gpedit.msc. After that, you have to click ‘OK’ or press ‘Enter’ key so as to open “Local Group Policy Editor”.

Now, head to the path that follows:

“Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Update”

Then, beneath the settings list existing on the right, double-click on option labeled “Do not include drivers with Windows Update”. Now, Make the option ‘Enable’ & hit ‘OK’. At last, exit from “Group Policy Editor” and proceed with restarting your computer so that the changes can come into effect.

Way to Prevent Windows 10 Home from Auto-installing Drivers Update

Being a user with Windows 10 Home, you don’t have access to the Group Policy. No worries, you can still prevent your system from updating the drivers automatically. For this, you have to tweak the Registry.

First of all, open the Registry Editor and then, head to the path that follows:


The Windows Update key is must! Hence, if you don’t have it, there’s a need to create one. Make a DWORD value of 32-bit and proceed by naming it as ExcludeWUDriversInQualityUpdate. Exit the Registry Editor & restart the computer so as to bring the changes in effect.

Note: Making vicissitudes to Registry isn’t something that beginners should do as it can be dangerous. Altering the incorrect thing can impact your entire computer.

Recommendation: Prior to making tweaks/alterations to the Registry, ensure to back up all the vital files, documents so that you’ll not have to bear the pain of data loss in any case.
Remember, once you make these changes, your Windows 10 will no longer update the hardware drivers of your PC until you change the settings again.

Considering the different system and their configuration, Microsoft generally ensures right driver updates. Still, you are the end-user, it is your choice whether to get the update or not. So, be calm and think ‘do you need to stop getting automatic updates.’ If yes, the aforementioned ways will help you. Disabling auto-installing the updated version doesn’t mean you can’t get the updates at all. You can get them manually with aid of a simple step-wise guide by Hardware Technical Support experts.


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