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  • Toronto Canada
  • 207 Queens Quay W Suite 500, Toronto, ON M5J 1A7
    M5J 1A7
  • Latitude43.6418286425918 Longitude -79.37336683273317 Directions

Plus Appliance Repair has been repairing small and large appliances in Toronto and the GTA since 2007.

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  • 2007Founded
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Today, no one can imagine their life without a refrigerator. People store their food in the refrigerator. Therefore, none of them want it to break down. Many people think that if you buy a quality or just an expensive refrigerator it will never break and will serve you indefinitely. In fact such an opinion is erroneous. Everything in this world breaks down sooner or later, so if your refrigerator breaks, don't worry.

Plus Appliance Repair has been repairing appliances since 2007. We repair absolutely any appliance, not just refrigerators. We work in Toronto and the GTA. And here, we'd like to talk about the most common service call we receive from our service center.

Repair your fridge at home

You can also repair your refrigerator yourself. However, if you repair your refrigerator yourself, no one will give you a guarantee that it will work happily for a long time. And now you can take a look at the breakdowns that cannot be repaired with your own hands without training:

- insufficient cooling;
- increased power consumption;
- Cracked parts or loose fit of the door;
- The compressor doesn't work;

And here is the list of breakdowns, which can be fixed without special preparation and by your own efforts:

- the refrigerator is plugged in and does not work;
- Spontaneous defrosting of the fridge wall;
- too much noise and vibration during the fridge operation;
- The light bulb does not work;

You may think that you can repair the refrigerator with your own hands. Approximately 95% of people do not understand anything about electrics. If you do not have the slightest idea about refrigerator repair, you had better not even try to repair your refrigerator because it can lead to a worsening of the situation, especially if it is modern. Many people think that there is nothing complicated in refrigerator repair, but it is far from it. At least you need a master for consultation. And also it is necessary to have minimum skills in repair of refrigerators that to know where it is possible to get into independently and where it is not necessary!

How to repair your refrigerator profitable and reliable?

You can repair your fridge as at home by inviting the masters and also to bring it in the service center that means the additional costs for the refrigerator transportation. However you need to be careful because choosing a repair mechanic means a lot. The repair technician must be experienced. You need to choose a master according to some criteria:

- responsible;
- A good reputation;
- average prices;
- quality work;

And now let's talk more about the quality of the master. If the master performs his work very quickly or for a very long time, it may be suspicious, because too long performance of his work could mean that the master is not competent in the matter of refrigerator repair. Also, if the handyman does the job very quickly, it could mean that the work is not done properly. If the wizard does his work on time, the refrigerator is working and everything is fine, then you need to pay attention to the prices set by the master.

Each master has its own rates, but some masters tend to inflate the prices, linking them to their experience or with the great complexity of the work. In some cases the price increase may be justified, but in all other cases it may be provoked by the desire of the master to earn more. Of course, everyone wants to earn more, but the price increase must always be justified.

In order to choose the right wizard with a normal rate, you need to compare the prices of several masters to perform this work. Remember, you should always choose the golden mean.

In fact, when choosing a wizard to repair your refrigerator you can choose one of your relatives or friends, but it is best to choose a real professional.

Refrigerator and other appliance repair in Toronto is well established by Plus Appliance Repair, so if you need to find a handyman, it won't be a problem at all.


As of today, we are planning to significantly develop and improve our website to be even more helpful to our customers. To that end, at Trepup.com we are looking for a Wordpress developer with experience and a desire to do a good job.We hope to close our position soon.

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