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Protect Your Home and Business from Termites Pro Termites is committed to ridding your property of unpleasant and destructive pests. We are a family-owned business that inspects, treats, and controls termites in Brisbane homes and businesses. Our Pro Termites experts have the skills, experience, and equipment to quickly eradicate any infestation, no matter how minor or serious it is. Our approach to termite problems is simple: we prioritize our customers' needs, evaluate and locate the problem's main source, and then effectively eliminate it. Our Pro Termite Services: • Termite Inspections • Termite Control • Pre and post-subterranean termite treatments • Termite prevention (baiting stations, physical barriers, chemical barriers) Why Choose Pro Termites? • The team at Pro Termites is made up of trained and qualified termite technicians who are licensed by the Queensland government and hold public liability insurance. • We use the most up-to-date products and technologies and are also committed to ongoing training for our personnel. • Protecting your home and business from pest damage is of the utmost importance, which is why when we do a job, we get it right the first time. • If there are wood-destroying insects in, on, around, or under your building, we’ll present you with a treatment plan based on your needs and the severity of the infestation. • Pests never rest on their laurels and neither do we, so our industry-leading experts will be happy to provide you with free information about how to prevent future termite infestations. Our Service Areas: From our headquarters in Brisbane, we service residential and commercial clients throughout the South East Queensland region, including: • Brisbane West • Brisbane Northside • Brisbane Southside • Toowoomba • Ipswich • Sunshine Coast • Gold Coast • Tweed Heads Nothing is more important to us than preventing expensive damage to your house, company, or property. Call our Pro Termite team today at 07 3184 8220 to help you.

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Termites can cause extensive and costly damage before you even realise you have a pest problem. The invasive insects are known as silent destroyers and eat wood from the inside out. #protermites #termitecontrol #termitebarriers #termiteinspections #termitecontrolbrisbane
Termites present a perennial nuisance to houses and other buildings all over Australia. They silently attack properties, eating them from the inside out. #protermites #termitecontrol #termitebarriers #termiteinspections #termitecontrolbrisbane
Termites are typically small, soft-bodied insects that can be white, brown or grey in colour. They look similar to flying ants which is why many people have difficulty telling them apart but there are numerous differences. #protermites #termitecontrol #termitebarriers #termiteinspections #termitecontrolbrisbane