Wed, 22 Aug 2018

Asian Games "silent" really?

by qweezxc

Asian Games "silent" really?

Asian Games "silent" really?

During the official opening of the tournament. At the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia See the social media posters are full of the silence of the news. This should be a bust, but this year is silent, just a little movement news appeared in the media only.

Factors that keep the news flow quiet. Must admit It's a copyright issue. In the back The Thai people are interested. And more alert to pick up content. Or some news image to use. Must have education And detailed inquiries. To prevent risk. Will be sued for copyright infringement. Make multiple TVs slow down the news. Or do in the save zone is not dare. Exotic News I'm not ready to risk fines. From piracy

However, the opening match immediately. When measured by rating, it was found that in general sports competition during the day. The average viewing time was 0.5-0.6, with an average viewership of around 3,500.

When to go to see popular football. The Thai Open meet Qatar found that the ratings moved up to 3.005, the average number of viewers to 2.1 million people.

Figures appearing It may not be comparable to previous ratings. Because of the number of new digital TV emerging. And with social media options. But it makes us aware of the current surge of news. Does not affect the need to watch sports ufabet .


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