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Saratoga Springs Float Spa

Saratoga Springs Float Spa

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  • Saratoga Springs United States
  • 376 Broadway #L1
  • Latitude43.0831301 Longitude -73.7845651 Directions

Saratoga Springs Float Tank, Saratoga Springs Float Therapy, Saratoga Springs Isolation Tank, Saratoga Springs Sensory Deprivation Tank

  • 5Employees
  • 2009Founded
  • n/aBusiness type

Saratoga Springs Float Spa offers float therapy at our local Saratoga spa. Including two deprivation sensory tank rooms and a biomat with Amethyst crystals room. Experience sensory deprivation in our clean float pods and other holistic offerings for the health of your body and mind. Our float tank therapy is done in private rooms to simply just float in saltwater or experience deprivation therapy at our float center. Experience floating like you would in the Dead Sea. Some use floating to reduce inflammation, speed up recovery times, relief from anxiety, depression, PTSD, supply the body with rest, re-establish sleep cycles, and breakthrough artist's block. Come have the most relaxing time you've ever experienced in the Capital Region of NY.

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