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Global Oil & Gas Trading Platform

by Subcontracts India

Global Oil & Gas Trading Platform

Global Oil and Gas Trading is a new-age oil & gas brokerage platform that has emerged as a favored and trusted market place for an increasing number of oil and gas RWA (Ready, Willing, and Able) traders. This is not without some exciting reasons though. The chances of successfully closing a deal is extremely high trading through this platform. Wholly owned, maintained, and serviced by Subcontracts India, the platform has absolutely no place for “wanderers”!! While trying to keep things simple in an otherwise extremely complex trade and yet maintain transparency, our highly regarded professional team ensures the smoothest experience through each deal the buyer or seller wishes to engage in. Most importantly, Buyers as well as Sellers on board this platform are 100% vetted and verified. Traders have to undergo a stringent background check by the platform compliance team, and the platform makes sure that all traders are financially capable of transacting business with each other without hiccups or inconveniences. Although its a bit tough to get on board this platform, once here, there is no looking back.

Our indefatigable team works flawlessly to meet timelines set by the traders and engages itself in every aspect of the transaction process to ensure the smooth passage of each deal. A lot of times negotiations are necessitated due to differences in acceptable transaction procedures. Our expert team fully understands such situations and are always available extending facilitation between buyers and sellers to arrive at mutually acceptable transaction procedures.

The platform provides ample elbow room for qualified Buyers and Buyer's signatory Mandates worldwide who meet the financial criteria required to purchase petroleum products. The platform principally works for those who submit their buy requirements as well as sell offers online for review by the platform's experts. The submission forms are designed in a manner that helps receive maximum relevant information from both buyers as well as sellers. This helps in two ways :

1.) It ensures the applicant is serious and at the same time has the capacity to transact.

2.) It helps save precious time.

Global Oil & Gas Trading Platform is one of the choicest emerging trade platforms in this sector. Our team has consistently delivered its efficient services resulting in successful closure of deals between traders. The growing number of registered traders using this platform is a testimony of its brilliant performance.

The platform guarantees straight forward business deals between parties and avoid long chains of shady intermediaries. A good number of excellent oil and gas storage as well as logistics companies are steadily joining the platform to offer their services to the traders. There is plenty of relevant information available through the platform which adds to the feeling of security among all participants. While it boasts of openness, the platform also unfailingly ensures complete confidentiality for all traders and other service providers.

Global Oil and Gas Trading is the premier supplier of trusted expertise to the oil and gas industry. We have accomplished this through our relentless focus on our Seller's objective, and by working diligently to achieve the goals of Qualified Buyers.We fully understand the capabilities of our Sellers and Trade Partners, and can quickly and efficiently match those capabilities against the needs of any Buyer. We employ only the best in the market, and each member of our team is committed to providing an unbiased perspective to help our customers monitor market movements, value commodities, recognize opportunities, mitigate risk, and plan with greater confidence. The markets are constantly changing, but our real-time news, market reports, analytics, price assessments and fundamental data always provide a valuable reference point. We're constantly investing in our products and services. We've enhanced our forecasts, data sets and tools, and now provide the most robust analytics offering available to ensure our customers can maximize value in their chosen markets. We work closely with Qualified Buyers as well as Seller and their signatory Mandates worldwide who meet the financial criteria required to transact petroleum products. We also provide a platform for our customers to exchange ideas and make valuable connections.

What We Expect
Global Oil and Gas Trading has its own exhaustive due diligence process in place and we expect the same from all brokers and facilitators who wish to work with the platform. Brokers who are not direct to either the end buyers or the end sellers should avoid trying to contact us and waste valuable time.

Please read the following carefully as this will decide if Global Oil and Gas Trading can work with you or not:


The first thing any amateur broker will pop up is that we have to sign the NCNDA (Non Circumvention Non Disclosure Agreement) and IMFPA (Intermediary Master Fee Protection Agreement). First of all, almost all the NCNDAs and IMFPAs floating in the market are either fake or invalid and are not endorsed by ICC. Brokers ought to understand that our Platform managers do not have any problem signing the NCNDA. However, it has to be genuine. We only utilize the genuine ICC publication 769 E ( ICC Model Contract ) that can be purchased here.
Any other NCNDA draft generally available with the ICC logo and mostly titled ICC 400/500/600 is useless and invalid. Read the official warning from ICC here. Many so called brokers claim to be mandates and then ask for an NCNDA; beware of these individuals and companies. Real mandates never fear circumvention as they are protected by the company who extended the mandate to them.
Secondly, Global Oil and Gas Trading cannot just sign the NCNDA with every individual and company that comes along claiming to be direct with their principal. Brokers who wish to work with Global Oil and Gas Trading, must be ready with detailed information about their company, website, corporate profile, registered office address, working phone numbers to begin with. Not all but most emails from public dmain servers (gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc) will be purged.


We do not work with long chains of brokers. This means if and when a broker approaches Global Oil and Gas Trading, he/she should be direct with his/her principal (end buyer or end seller). There can be NO exceptions to this fundamental rule what so ever. Being new in business is not bad but we expect the broker to do his/her homework before reaching out to us. We receive tons of emails where individuals claim to be "close" to the seller/buyer, but being "close" is not being direct. We are not here to teach business to every individual that emails us, do your homework. It is always difficult to work when there is no transparency.

We expect you to do proper due diligence before forwarding us any document or inquiry. As brokers, facilitators and traders, we feel that it is our corporate responsibility to do proper homework before forwarding anything to our principals.

In a nutshell, we can work with you if:
1. You have knowledge of the commodity.
2. You are direct with the end buyer/seller.
3. You are willing to exchange principal's details.
4. You have performed proper due diligence.

Global Oil and Gas Trading takes immense pride in assuring end-sellers and end-buyers that all traders transacting through this platform have undergone thorough and extensive background check and are capable of transacting successfully. The platform directly engages in every aspect of the transaction process to ensure the smoothest experience in implementation of the sale and delivery of fuel.


To be a Qualified Buyer on this trading platform, the following are mandatory:

A proven multi-year track record in oil & commodity trading.
A proven ability to receive and transport the product upon delivery.​
Sufficient available capital, or credit line, to purchase the product.
Banking at a reputable bank.
Storage and Shipping Arrangement must be in place
Holding import or trading licenses to receive or transport the product in/through/to any country or territory where this might be required.
Not selling the product to any party residing in, liaised with, or transporting to a location in, a country or territory under trade embargo by the United States of America, European Union, Hong Kong S.A.R. or the United Nations.


To be a Qualified Seller on this trading platform, the following are mandatory:

Seller must be the Title Holder and must unconditionally provide proof of title holding/allocation
Seller must submit their Corporate and Tax registration details
Seller must submit his Transaction Terms beforehand.
Seller must submit verified Technical Specification of the product(s) it intends to sell. Verification agency must be a neutral inspection agency of International repute
Seller must have an official website detailing Corporate information and activities. Email addresses with public domain servers are not accepted.
Seller must provide sufficient proof of successful past transaction(s) in the oil & gas sector

Buyer & Seller Due Diligence:

In order to become a Qualified Buyer or Qualified Seller, the applicant needs to undergo a due diligence carried out by our internal compliance team on the buyer or seller and his company The financials of the companies, trading track records and current ability to purchase, store, and transport fuel are thoroughly scrutinized.

The procedure to become a registered Qualified Buyer or Qualified Seller:

The potential Buyer/Seller fills the Buying Form / Selling Form and submits online to Global Oil & Gas Trading (Subcontracts India).
Our compliance team will review the information submitted and might request for further information relating to the Buyer's / Seller's company details, financial status, trading history and product requirements.​
Upon a positive review of the application, one of our sourcing managers will contact the Buyer/ Seller directly to discuss purchase requirements, product availability and transaction procedures.​
Once all parameters are satisfactorily met, the company will be registered as a Qualified Buyer / Seller and will receive our regular product offers via email.

The below points are important:​

Only experienced Buyers and Sellers can apply to become a Qualified Buyer/ Seller. We do not accept applications from Brokers or Intermediaries.
​Only authorized directors or senior officers of the buying/ selling company can submit an application for registration. We do not accept applications by unauthorized persons.​
Every Buyer/ Seller will have to meet our Prescribed Standard prior being able to trade on this platform.


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