Wed, 30 Oct 2019

Private Placement Program (PPP)

by Subcontracts India

Private Placement Program (PPP)


We are direct to the Platform Principal

The Trading Platform is a registered entity in the United States and we will provide complete details relating to the Platform post receipt of the KYC/CIS from the client/applicant

Platform Trader can TRADE 3 ways:

MT760 CASH BACKED SBLC, we can monetize only, OR monetize and trade.
Platform Trader can BUY MTNs or place them into TRADE [must be trading]. Bloomberg/EC/MT760

Procedures are simple:
*Clients deliver standard Compliance:
*KYC current
*Bank Officer Business Cards

AAA Rated Banks preferred.
[Non rated Banks require Corresponding Banks]

CONTRACT IS SIGNED within 24-48 hrs

CLIENT SENDS CASH BACKED SBLC by MT760 to receiving bank provided.

​Details relating to Trade Openings, Commencement, Returns, Trade Tenure will be provided to the client/applicant directly by the Platform Principal

Reality Check:

Tear Sheet Programs are BS.
Volume Bullets are BS unless structured by a licensed Buy/Sell or Fed Program. The rest of them are BS.
Interscreen Block trade is BS
Heritage Fund Programs are BS
Trading Leased Instruments can be referred to as 'collateral assignment' contracts
Blocked Fund by Email is BS
Clients who demand Bullets without Projects - the banking system will not release the funds unless they have a framework and legitimate purpose.
Brokers demanding 10-15% Fees: Brokers creating conference calls pretending they are the Provider of Instruments buy Phishing information
DTC/S2S/IPIP are all illegal and against AML regulation


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