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Printed Solar Technology

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Question 1. Are these Printed Solar Modules good enough to be used for mega solar projects ? What kind of Module Mounting Structure (MMS) is required for these modules?

Answer : Of course, this printing technology is good for mega solar projects. It is also good for façade projects, as you can visually adapt the modules in any desired color to the building. It is also very good for niche markets. The design of the modules can be adapted to any mounting system as desired. It is also possible to produce modules which have any desired shape. For example, round, or oblique. Furthermore, It also does not have to be concerned about shadow formation. It can be built around a building modules, even if it is shaded.

Question 2. Once installed, what is the Operations and Maintenance cost for these Printed Modules? Do these need regular cleaning? What is the basic cleaning process for these printed solar modules?

Answer: It's the same as with conventional modules. It is just as possible to insert in a protective layer of glass, or laminates, which must be cleaned when dirty.

Question 3. What are the Safety Procedure to be followed once these Printed Modules are installed ? Are these printed solar modules fire resistant ?

Answer: No special prescribed safety procedure other than what is required for conventional module technology. Since these are printed on flexible plastic, fire will be a major concern. The print itself is fire resistant and heat resistant up to 120 degrees celsius. Depending on the application you have to choose a fireproof substrate as well as the topcoat.

Question 4. What is the wattage per square meter of surface area ?

Answer: This is approximately 200 Wp / m2

Question 5. What is the general Module size/Wattage of each module?

Answer: This can be adjusted according to market demand and customer requirements.

Question 6. If any part of the Module gets damaged, does it affect the entire module?

Answer: Damage only affects the part of the damage. the module continues to work unhindered by such partial damage.

Question 7. How good are the Warranties ? Does the company replace faulty modules?

Answer: Of course the company replaces defective modules. The guarantees will be custom made.

Question 8. What is the production capacity per printer?

Answer: A fully automated single production line creates a maximum of 7,000 square meters of printing area in three-shift operation.

Question 9. What is the tentative cost of a fully automated production line?

Answer: The cost of a fully automated production plant is around € 11 million. Added to this are the costs for the facility, personnel, upfront costs and labor costs. Overall, it is restricted to approximately € 15 million. This is absolutely sufficient for a reasonable start of production.

Question 10. What is the availability of the Ink used in the printers? Is there any supply constraint on the availability of these inks ?

Answer: There are no bottlenecks of fluids. These are available in sufficient quantities in any country at any time. It also contains no toxic or harmful materials.

Question 11. What is the availability of the Flexible base on which it is printed? Is there any supply constraint on the availability of this flexible material?

Answer: It is extremely flexible regarding which substrates are used. It can be glass, metals, plastics, foils, wood, marble, fabrics printed.

Question 12. How much time will it take to set up the production facility?

Answer: Once land and required capital is made available, the completion time is approximately 12 months.

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