The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski
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The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski

The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski

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Austin United States 3300 North IH-35, 7th Floor
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The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski is a criminal justice law firm based in Austin, TX.

  • 1 Employees
  • 2014 Founded
  • Private corporation Business type
  • Overview

    Jackson F. Gorski is an aggressive criminal defense lawyer based in Austin Texas. Jackson prides himself in being a lawyer who has helped many in navigating through the murky labyrinth of what is called the American law. Various sources and past client describe the lawyer in a variety of praiseful terms; Ranging from being effective and efficient to him being a polite straight shooter.

    • Jackson's professional Qualification.
    Lawyer F. Gorski is a fully fledged professional lawyer. He is recognized by various bars and institutions such as; Texas Bar College, Austin Young lawyers association, and Austin bar association. Lawyer Jack is also a certified mediator and doctor of Jurisprudence.

    • Area of operation.
    Though lawyer jack is physically based in Austin, he serves in a variety of counties such as Travis, Blanco, Hay, and Bell counties. One could also visit his website on Lawyer Jackson F. Gorski or to get further information on him and how to contact him. Further, you could visit his official office address at 3300 North IH-35, 7th Floor, Austin, TX 78705.

    • Area of service.
    As a criminal defense lawyer jack deals in a variety of cases. Ranging from simple misdemeanors to grave felonies. He specializes mainly in criminal defense, drug charge, sex crimes, family law, jail release and Austin DWI. However, the main area to be highlighted is on his Criminal defense record.

    • Criminal defense.

    Most people never think of themselves ever being in contradiction with the law. And when this occurrence occurs, they find themselves clueless on what their options are and even more clueless of their rights. This is what the Jackson F. law firm seeks to improve and assist you with. Lawyer jack will help first secure a jail release so that you can plan for a court case.

    Criminal defense varies in nature. Between misdemeanor and felonies or something thereof in between. A normal criminal defense case has mainly three outcomes that could end it. The first would be a total dismissal of the charges leveled against you. The second would be a guilty plea or no contest. The other would be a not guilty plea by the defendant which sums to a court or jury verdict, for which the jury must reach a unanimous decision for a sentence to be passed. To go through this procedures, one would need the services of a seasoned lawyer such as Jackson.

    Going through the law firm official website, you can see that Jack is youth friendly. The firm serves mainly for criminal defense for college students. Jackson is very aggressive in the way he handles his clients and understands that every case is unique in its special case. The lawyer also points out that a defendant is a person and not just some name on a prosecutors file thus he's hugely compassionate.

    Only an experienced lawyer such as Jack understands the there is no single answer to a criminal defense question. He is witty and keen to establish that the law serves you. Jackson will be able to root out and discredit false witnesses and disvalue sketchy evidence.

    To Jackson, it does not matter whether you are guilty or innocent. He is here to ensure you receive the best option the justice system can offer. However, to do this, you must be completely open with him and trust him so he can serve you diligently. To those who are guilty of committing a crime, he ensures you have a shorter much more humane verdict to help learn for the wrong deed. For those innocent, he ensures you can prove your innocence beyond any reasonable doubt.


    In conclusion, Jackson provides the best aggressive type of lawyer services you might require when mugged with a criminal case. He is respectful and polite to customers but equally vigorous to demand for your justice. His payments are affordable as well as flexible. Any time you get into abrasion with the law, he is the person to call in Texas.

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