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Trepup is a Swiss online marketplace service company. Its inclusive growth business model empowers users with opportunities to prosper, and to discover markets, both local and global. The website has two key features—Trepup Store, Trepup Marketplace and Trepup Email. Trepup Marketplace is a global board where users can advertise, promote and share information for free. It follows a ‘search neutrality’ philosophy that displays comprehensive and unbiased results that are based solely on relevance. Users can narrow or broaden their search to find local as well as global products and services. Trepup Email is an email marketing service where users can connect with their followers in a single, easy and cost-effective manner. It solves a pain point for users by combining the main elements of both networks and email marketing on one platform to provide users a direct way to reach their followers and target audience. Trepup supports the evolving data and privacy rules worldwide. Its website is designed to give users greater control over their personal and business data. Trepup does not share or sell users’ data, nor does it track users’ digital footprints over the Web.

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