What your midwife will do:

5 Sep 2020

What your midwife will do:

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5 Sep 2020, 12:00 - 15:00

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She / he will provide you with advice about your pregnancy and monitor your essayhelpontime.com will provide you and your partner with education on what to expect in pregnancy, during labour and birth, and with early parenting.
You may be looked after by a team of midwives if you are birthing at a birthing centre or public hospital. In this way it is probable that you will have met each midwife on your team during your antenatal visits so you will be familiar with the midwife that is on duty when you go into labour.
Assuming everything progresses smoothly with your pregnancy and your labour your midwife will help you deliver your baby. If you or your baby requires medical attention a doctor will be on standby and will take over if necessary.
Once your baby is born a midwife will help you with your post natal care and help you establish breast feeding. They will also ensure you are recovering well from your labour and that your baby is healthy and achieving all the milestones that indicate good progress.
Your midwife will organise for a visiting midwifery service to visit you upon your discharge and connect you with your local infant health care centre.
For more information on midwifery services contact your local hospital or your doctor.


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