Effective: February 5, 2024

Understand our stance against spam to maintain a clean platform.

In our relentless effort to foster a secure and enjoyable environment on Trepup, we have instituted this Trepup Spam policy as a testament to our unwavering opposition to spam. The essence of this policy is to delineate the boundaries against the distribution of irrelevant or unsolicited messages, particularly those geared towards advertising, phishing, or disseminating malware, to individuals without their explicit consent. This policy extends to every user and their contacts engaged in any form of electronic communication via Trepup, ensuring a harmonious and respectful digital space.

In line with this commitment, this policy specifically addresses the issue of spam on Trepup, and it is to be considered alongside the Terms of Service and the Policies. For the purposes of this policy, any capitalized terms not explicitly defined herein will assume the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Service. Recognizing the dynamic nature of language, this policy is constructed to be inclusive, accommodating variations in number and gender.

User obligations and prohibited actions

As a valued member of the Trepup community, you are entrusted with certain responsibilities to uphold the integrity of our platform. While using Trepup, you will not

  • send spam through Trepup.
  • violate, or facilitate a violation of, the Privacy Notice, Cookies policy, the Policies, or applicable spamming laws.
  • pretend to be, or represent, someone else, or impersonate any other individual or entity without their consent.
  • purchase, lease, or rent email addresses from third parties for use in a distribution list.

You must ensure that while using Trepup, you will

  • employ reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized access to, or use of, Trepup.
  • notify us if you have any knowledge of such unauthorized access or use, or attempts thereof, of Trepup.
  • keep your Trepup Account updated and respond promptly to any communication between you and our support staff, which may be used for monitoring and quality improvement.
  • obtain consent and allow for the withdrawal of consent while sending electronic communication, in addition to storing or managing the data of your contacts.
  • provide an easily accessible mechanism to revoke consent or unsubscribe from your electronic communication at any time through an unsubscribe option.
  • immediately honor any requests to opt out of receiving your electronic communication.
  • provide clear and complete details of your identity and contact address, including your email address, in any electronic communication with third parties.
  • ensure that the communication and/or user content in the electronic communication is in accordance with the User Content policy, the Policies, and applicable law.

Responsibility towards personal data

As a user of Trepup, you bear the full responsibility for ensuring that all data you upload, especially personal data pertaining to your contacts or third parties, strictly adheres to our Privacy Notice as well as applicable data protection laws, including, but not limited to, the GDPR. This obligation extends to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of such data, underscoring the importance of rigorous compliance. Failure to comply with these legal requirements demands the immediate deletion of the non-compliant personal data from our platform to avoid any potential legal repercussions.

The dynamic nature of data protection laws means that compliance is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process. As such, we expect your proactive cooperation in the event of changes to these laws, ensuring that all personal data hosted on Trepup is handled in a manner that is both lawful and consistent with the evolving legal landscape. This approach is crucial for safeguarding the privacy and security of our users, fostering a trusted environment where personal information is treated with the utmost care and respect. Together, our shared commitment to data protection strengthens the foundation of Trepup, making it a secure and reliable platform for our diverse and global community.

Trepup's rights and enforcement measures

We reserve comprehensive rights to oversee and regulate the Trepup platform, including the right to

  • monitor any Trepup Account or user content, without notice, for the discharge of legal obligations, as may be applicable.
  • disclose communications between you and your contacts to third parties, without notice, in compliance with a legal obligation, including for the purposes of responding to requests from law enforcement agencies.
  • classify your Trepup Account as inactive if you do not log in to your Trepup Account for more than 180 calendar days.
  • deactivate, temporarily suspend, or terminate your Trepup Account for violating this policy, the Policies, or applicable law.

To assess whether content is considered spam, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation, monitoring a range of factors. These include the nature of the user content itself, any spam complaints received from contacts, the rate at which complaints are made, and the overall volume of complaints. This thorough review process takes place irrespective of the complaint rate, ensuring that all potential spam content is scrutinized for compliance with our standards.

Maintaining our community standards

Trepup's unwavering dedication to upholding a spam-free environment is a cornerstone of our commitment to fostering a safe, respectful, and productive platform for all users. By adhering to this policy, you play a crucial role in contributing to a community where responsible communication practices are the norm, and the privacy and preferences of all individuals are respected. Your cooperation is vital in maintaining the high standards of conduct that define Trepup, ensuring that every interaction on our platform adds to a more enjoyable and meaningful experience. Violations of this policy are taken seriously and may result in enforcement actions, as we strive to protect the platform's integrity and the welfare of our community. Together, we can continue to make Trepup an exceptional place for connection and business, maintaining our service in a manner that meets and exceeds the expectations of our users.

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