Our mission is to level the business playing field and make it universally inclusive and accessible.

Discover a whole new world of world-class services

Trepup bundles three amazing Trepup services that are simple and easy to use - all in one place.

Trepup Marketplace.


Shop and sell products locally and globally. Discover new markets in an easy, affordable and secure manner.

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Trepup Marketplace

Save money, live better with deals on a wide selection of products - fashion, home, electronics, tools, hardware and more - on Trepup Marketplace.

Trepup Store.


Everything you need to sell online - impactful storefront, unlimited product listings and no transaction fees.

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Trepup Store

Fuel your business with built-in SEO, inventory management and store analytics - without the cost or complexity - on Trepup Store.

Trepup Email.


Marketing solutions built for you - customizable templates, advanced design tools and campaign performance reports.

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Trepup Email

Unlimited emails to do unlimited things - sell products, promote your brand, share news and more - on Trepup Email.

We empower people and businesses to transcend borders, build better together and positively influence each other.

255 countries and territories

to connect businesses

34,007 product categories

to make smart choices

2,033 payment options

to transact conveniently

133 currencies

to pay locally and easily

Our Commitments

Include All Voices

Include All Voices

Every person deserves to be heard. We aspire to build a world where diversity, equity and inclusion can be realities.

Build Community

Build Community

We help people connect and collaborate with each other to make better choices, develop stronger bonds and accelerate progress.

Expand Opportunity

We strive to provide equal opportunities with our global reach, and services that are affordable, accessible and local.

Protect People

We work to keep our users safe online with best-in-class security tools, privacy controls and data responsibility practices.

Serve Everyone

We aim to make technology accessible so that people can easily, equally and independently interact and use our platform.

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