Effective: February 5, 2024

Explore our subscription model and its implications for you.

This Trepup Subscriptions policy governs the use of Trepup services and should be read in conjunction with the Terms of Service and the Policies. For this policy, all capitalized terms not defined herein are interpreted as defined in the Terms of Service. We acknowledge the dynamic and inclusive nature of language. Accordingly, this policy is designed to recognize both singular and plural forms and to ensure that any gender-specific language is interpreted in a manner that includes all genders.

Under this policy, Trepup introduces Trepup One, a comprehensive subscription plan that consolidates key services—Trepup Store, Trepup Marketplace, Trepup Photos, Trepup Analytics, and Trepup Email—into a unified package ("Services"). Trepup One aims to streamline your subscription experience, significantly enhancing your online business presence. By opting into Trepup One, you engage in a formal agreement with Trepup, granting you integrated access to an extensive range of Services designed to support and amplify your business operations efficiently.

Using our Services

To access our Services, compatible hardware, the latest software version (recommended and sometimes required), and internet access are necessary. These factors may influence the Services' performance.

Our Services are intended for use within your country or territory of residence ("Home Country"). When you create a Trepup Account to use the Services within a specific country or territory, you designate it as your Home Country.

You are required to adhere to all applicable local, state, federal, and national laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations regarding your use of the Services in your Home Country. Furthermore, you acknowledge that using the Services may also be governed by the laws of other jurisdictions that apply to you.


Trepup may allow you to purchase access to the Services on a subscription basis (“Paid Subscriptions”). Paid Subscriptions automatically renew for subsequent renewal periods corresponding to the original Paid Subscription period unless you cancel a renewal no later than 24 hours prior to the beginning of the subsequent renewal period. If you cancel your Paid Subscription, you will retain access to any functionality or content of that Service for the remaining term of the Paid Subscription.

You will be notified if the price of a Paid Subscription increases and, if necessary, your consent will be required to continue. The price change will apply after your Paid Subscription period is complete and when the next payment is due from you after the notice. We will give you at least 30 days’ prior notice of a price increase before you are charged. If you are given less than 30 days’ prior notice, the change will not apply until the payment after the next payment is due. If you do not wish to continue with the Paid Subscription at the new price, you may cancel or downgrade at any time. Your cancellation or downgrade will apply to the next Paid Subscription period after the current service term unless otherwise set out in the applicable payment terms. Where the price increases and consent is required, your Paid Subscription may be canceled with effect to the next Paid Subscription period unless you agree to the new price. If your Paid Subscription is canceled and you later decide to re-subscribe, you will be charged at the then-current subscription rate.

You will be charged no more than 24 hours prior to the start of the Paid Subscription period. If we cannot charge your payment method for any reason (such as expiration or insufficient funds), and you have not canceled the Paid Subscription, you remain responsible for any uncollected amounts, and we will attempt to charge the payment method as you may update your payment method information. This may result in a change to the start of your next Paid Subscription period and may change the date on which you are billed for each period, as displayed on your invoice. We reserve the right to cancel your Paid Subscription if we are unable to successfully charge your payment method to renew your subscription.

Certain Paid Subscriptions may offer a free trial prior to charging your payment method. If you decide to unsubscribe from a Paid Subscription before we start charging your payment method, you must cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the free trial expires.

If you start a free trial to a Paid Subscription and cancel before it ends, you cannot reactivate the free trial.

Free trials or free offers to Paid Subscriptions cannot be combined with any free trials or offers of Trepup One. If you are in a free trial or free offer for any Paid Subscriptions, and you subscribe to Trepup One, your free trial(s) or offer(s) will not be paused even if you have access to such Paid Subscription(s) through your Trepup One subscription. You acknowledge that your free trial or free offer may expire while you are a paid subscriber to Trepup One, and Trepup shall have no obligation to reinstate, reimburse, or otherwise compensate you for any part of such expired free trial or free offer.

When your Paid Subscription to any Service ends, you agree that you will lose access to any functionality or content of that Service that requires a Paid Subscription.


Trepup will charge your selected payment method for Paid Subscriptions, including any applicable taxes. You can associate multiple payment methods with your Trepup Account, and you agree that Trepup may store and charge those payment methods for transactions. Trepup accepts payment through a Trepup Payments account, or any other form of payment indicated prior to purchase.

If your primary payment method cannot be charged for any reason (such as expiration or insufficient funds), you authorize Trepup to attempt to charge your backup card and other eligible payment methods in order from top to bottom as they appear on your payment method page for any payments due. If we cannot charge you, you remain responsible for any uncollected amounts, and we may attempt to charge you again or request that you provide another payment method. Any other rights of Trepup remain reserved.

In accordance with local law, Trepup may automatically update your payment information regarding your payment methods if provided such information by the payment networks or your financial institutions.

All transactions are final. No refunds or partial billing periods are available, except as required by applicable law.

From time to time, Trepup may suspend or cancel payment if we find evidence of fraud, abuse or unlawful or other manipulative behavior that entitles Trepup to a corresponding counterclaim.

Limited Member Benefits

Trepup may provide you with content, products and services that are discounted or at no charge (“Limited Member Benefits”). Limited Member Benefits may be limited by country, supply, duration, membership tier or other factors, and not all Limited Member Benefits will be available to all paid subscribers. Some Limited Member Benefits may only be redeemable by the Paid Subscription plan manager as in the case with Trepup One, and some Limited Member Benefits may be redeemable by members of your store group or only by the first member activating the redemption. Some Limited Member Benefits are not redeemable by Trepup Accounts for trial users. Other eligibility criteria may also apply.

We may work with third parties to provide you with their services or content as Limited Member Benefits through a Paid Subscription. To redeem a Limited Member Benefit provided by a third party, you acknowledge that Trepup may provide the third party with any personal information necessary to process your redemption, in accordance with the Privacy Notice. Your use of any third-party Limited Member Benefits may be governed by such third party’s terms of use, license agreement, privacy policy or other such agreement.

Access management

Certain features of Trepup One may be shared with your store group if you are the Trepup One plan manager (“Store Sharing”). Your store group may also receive Limited Member Benefits that are made available to you. If you do not wish to share such features with your store group, you must disable Store Sharing for Trepup One or leave your store group. Only the Trepup One plan manager may add store members to, and enable or disable Store Sharing on, Trepup One membership.

If you are part of a store group on Trepup One, members of your store group will be able to see certain information about you. If you join a store group with Trepup One Store Sharing enabled, other members of, and invitees to, the store group may see personal information you supply to us when you use the website and the Services. Store group members may also see if a store member has redeemed a Limited Member Benefit.

If you are the Trepup One plan manager in your store group and you disable Store Sharing or leave your store group, the other members of your store group will lose access to Trepup One. If you have been granted access to Trepup One through Store Sharing by your Trepup One plan manager, you will lose access to Trepup One if you leave your store group, or if your Trepup One plan manager disables Store Sharing or leaves the store group.


Trepup collects and uses information provided by you in order to provide you with the Services as described in this policy and in accordance with the Privacy Notice.

You agree that we may share certain information about you with third parties, as necessary to provide the Services, including to determine your qualification for, or your redemption of, third-party Limited Member Benefits or your eligibility for a trial membership. We may also share information about you with your Trepup One store group to provide information about your group’s Trepup One status and subscription.

In connection with your use of Trepup One, we may send you service announcements, administrative messages, and other information. We may also send you emails, and device notifications associated with your Limited Member Benefits. You may opt out of some of those communications.

Other provisions

  • Changes:

    Trepup reserves the right at any time to modify this policy and to add new or additional terms or conditions on your use of the Services. Such modifications and additional terms and conditions will be effective immediately and incorporated into this policy. Your continued use of the Services will be deemed acceptance thereof.
  • Third-party materials:

    Trepup is not responsible or liable for third-party materials included within or linked from the Services.
  • Termination and suspension of Services:

    If you fail, or Trepup suspects that you have failed, to comply with any of the provisions of this policy, Trepup may, without notice to you preclude your access to the Services and/or terminate your Trepup Account, and you will remain liable for all amounts due under your Store ID up to and including the date of termination. Trepup further reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the Services at any time with or without notice to you, and Trepup will not be liable to you or to any third party should it exercise such rights.
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