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Brand Resources

Guidelines for using our brand assets and resources responsibly.

Trepup offers detailed guidelines to ensure the correct and consistent use of our logo and brand elements across different platforms and media. These resources are designed to assist partners, media outlets, and all users in accurately representing our brand, preserving its integrity and coherence in every context. Through clear definitions of acceptable use, including the application of logos, color schemes, and typography, we aim to maintain the visual consistency and identity of Trepup across all communications.

The guidelines emphasize the importance of our logo as a symbol of empowerment and connectivity, the strategic application of our color palette to reinforce brand identity, and the use of Roboto font for its readability and modern aesthetics. We also detail the use of iconography to enhance user interface experiences, ensuring that every representation of Trepup’s brand is accessible, recognizable, and aligns with our mission and values.

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to the strength and clarity of the Trepup brand, enabling trust and collaboration within our digital ecosystem. We encourage you to explore the provided resources and utilize approved brand assets to ensure that your use of Trepup’s brand elements supports and respects our brand identity, fostering a consistent and engaging experience for all users.

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