Embrace Trepup's identity by following the Legal Center's Brand Essentials for consistent brand representation.

Brand Essentials

Dive into the principles that shape the use of our brand assets and identity.

At Trepup, we provide comprehensive guidance on the appropriate employment of our logo and other brand elements to ensure uniformity and integrity across various mediums. This set of instructions supports everyone from collaborators to media entities in presenting our brand consistently, fostering recognition and reliability wherever Trepup is portrayed.

The heart of these guidelines lies in the mindful deployment of our logo as a beacon of collaboration and innovation, the deliberate selection of our color palette to enhance brand recognition, and the adoption of the Roboto font for its legibility and sleek design. Moreover, we specify how iconography can be utilized to elevate the interface experience, making sure every touchpoint with Trepup’s brand is approachable, identifiable, and aligned with our core principles.

By following these guidelines, you play a crucial role in maintaining the clarity and vibrancy of the Trepup brand. This initiative not only nurtures trust and cooperation within our online community but also encourages you to leverage approved brand assets. In doing so, you help preserve and respect our brand's essence, contributing to a unified and engaging user experience.

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