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Trepup Store

Trepup Store

Online store builder.
Unlimited benefits.
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  • Start an online store with no technical expertise.
  • Showcase your products 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Increase brand loyalty and retain your customer base.
  • Diversify your business revenue without a big investment.
  • Connect and engage with customers and advertise your brand.
  • Get ecommerce solutions for $9.99/month. One subscription.

The Trepup Store difference

Explore the unlimited features you need for your store.

Trepup, an ecommerce platform, provides solutions to help you run your business. The best part is that everything is absolutely unlimited - product listings, email newsletters, bandwidth, cloud storage and more. Set up your online store on Trepup and get additional perks like ecommerce analytics, inventory management, seller ratings and reviews, and a built-in online marketplace.

The biggest bang for your buck

Save more with no listing fees and no transaction fees.

The less you pay for your online store, the more you keep in your pocket - it's that simple. Create your store and benefit from a wide range of services with one low monthly price.

Unlock your store's potential regardless of what, where or how much you sell.

Even better together

Build and market your online store under one roof.

We help you to introduce your brand in all 195 countries, no matter where your business is physically located. Immediately put your store on the map and increase the discovery of your products and services with direct access to Trepup's marketplace and millions of potential customers. Start your free trial, create an online store, and list and sell your products and services without leaving Trepup.

Jumpstart growth

Transform your business for the future.

Set up your store in minutes and tackle the complexity of online selling with the tools and features you need to start, run and grow your business.

Build relationships

Get the toolkit to fuel your ambition.

Use the power of social shopping to acquire new customers and maximize brand loyalty with personalized online shopping experiences. Through comments, likes, follows and shares, create a positive feedback loop that keeps customers coming back for more.

Identify trends

Understand your performance.

Gear up with ecommerce analytics and insights. Get a complete understanding of how your customers engage with your store so that you can deliver targeted communication and drive better results.

Increase conversions

Stay ahead of the competition.

Attract customers by uploading engaging videos to demonstrate the benefits of your products and services, offer virtual tours or introduce your brand. Get unlimited video hours and cloud storage to improve user experience and conversion rate.

Trepup Store

Build your future
with Trepup Store.

Discover the Trepup Store difference and get more features you'll love.

Online store creation

Product listings


Ecommerce categories


Product pages


No listing fees

Built-in online marketplace

Quick and easy set-up

No ads

Direct interaction with customers

Seller ratings and reviews


Live currency conversion

Dynamic QR code



Access management

Coming soon

Multiple Trepup stores

Coming soon

Inventory management

Coming soon
Trepup One

Trepup One

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Whether you're starting out, building your startup or scaling up to meet the needs of your customers - Trepup Store connects you with the resources you need to build and grow your business online.

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