Content activity

Frequency of posting
The more times you post, the more points you earn.

The frequency of your posts increases your visibility among users and helps
them find your business. If you submit 12 or more posts in a month that can

be viewed by your followers or by the public, you earn a total of 50 points, while less than 12 posts a month will earn you a percentage of the total points. Our point calculation is done on a monthly rolling basis, where a month is defined as a set of thirty days and not as January, February, March and so on till December.

Post-type diversity
Earn more points, by creating more diversity in your post-types.
content action

A varied range in the type of posts that you share, such as news, products, events and jobs, helps users develop a more engaged relationship with your business. Diversity in post-type increases user interest and they are more inclined to follow your page.

If the posts that you share in a month cover all four post-types - news, products, events and jobs - then you earn a total of 45 points. Posts that cover two and three post-types, earn you 20 and 30 points respectively.

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