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Trepup Policies

Trepup is committed to providing a fair, transparent and secure marketplace for its Users. Our Policies help us achieve this and govern your access to, and use of, the platform and Trepup services.

By being aware of our Policies, you can use the platform and Trepup services more effectively, avoid any violations and better understand your rights and obligations as a User. Some of our Policies help ensure that we comply with applicable legal obligations across various jurisdictions, while other Policies are based on our experience of how best to protect everyone’s interests on the platform.

Our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Intellectual Property Policy specify the most important information surrounding your access to and use of the platform and Trepup services, including Trepup Marketplace, Trepup Store and Trepup Email, the protection of your intellectual property, and our collection and processing of your information.

Any activity that does not follow Trepup Policies could result in a range of actions, including account deletion, deleting product listings, hiding or demoting product listings from search results, lowering a store's rating, loss of buyer or seller protections, application of fees, and recovery of expenses for policy monitoring and enforcement. All fees that are paid or payable in relation to any Trepup Account in which we take action will not be credited or refunded.

The following policies lay out other important information which you should be aware of:

Member Behavior Policies

Learn about the rights and responsibilities expected of each member of the Trepup community to help ensure that buying and selling, or sharing content, is safe, fair and respectful on the platform and Trepup services.

Payments Policies

Find out everything you need to know about payments on Trepup, and our rules to promote a trustworthy and secure environment for any individual or business purchasing Trepup services on the platform.

Brand Protection Policies

Learn how you can use or refer to the Trepup name or logo in any communication, promotional message or event. Our brand is what makes us unique and distinctive, and is the foundation for everything on the platform and Trepup services.

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